Primeras pintadas en Barcelona pidiendo la dimisión del Gobierno

Tras el cierre con cerrojo de la Plaza Artós de Barcelona, por parte de Mossos y Guardia Urbana, para evitar protestas contra el gobierno, han aparecido pintadas en diferentes barrios de Barcelona. En ellas se pide la dimisión del Gobierno. Mientras que en el resto de España se suceden protestas pacíficas, caceroladas o marchas guardando las debidas distancias, en Cataluña se intenta impedir a toda costa que se extienda la protesta. Pero ello no ha impedido esta campaña de pintadas.








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  1. Sustituye los gatos por paletos y obtienes a los independentistas.

    Me gusta


    Me gusta


    Me gusta

  4. Alemania Oriental cayó porque 12 ó 15 a los que tachaban de locos paseaban todos los días delante del edificio de la Stasi en Leipzig, una y otra vez. Durante 3 ó 4 años, por supuesto se iban turnando. Al final cayó el Muro y llegó la libertad para los oprimidos durante 40 años por el comunismo.

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  5. lun, 20:36
    SYNOPSIS FILM: Tristan’s family is a family with a good social position and strong religious convictions, but totally un-structured. The father and two of his sons have been abusing the mother for years, calling her “beast”, “witch”, “crazy” or “Jewish” (when rejects giving them more money), even threating with “every dog has her day” and saying things like that “she can’t even think” and “must have been disabled since birth”.
    The mother bears this mistreatment with religious conviction and keeps up the appearances. The only one who supports his mother is Tristán, the youngest child, who is also the most shy and introverted of the three.
    The dirty business of Antonio, Tristán’s brother in law (a heartless having all conceivable vices) is getting worse and he increasingly involves his father, his sister Cira, and his brother who is the President of a influential ultra-rightist organization.
    At the risk of being accused of fraud and ending up in jail, the father and older children, turns to the mother who offers a deal: the separation and ownership of the motel and a house in the coast in exchange of donating, in life, so she disinherited their older children. Cira and Ephraim enables them to pay all their creditors and thus cover all their debts and consolidate their businesses. The family agrees while Tristán and his mother start a new life at the motel and in the little coastal village.
    The motel goes very well, while on the contrary, the father and brothers’ lifestyle (completely above their means, but is doing their best to save the appearances) and the bad businesses cause constant and serious difficulties.
    Meanwhile, in the motel, Isolde and Aida (the first one is a lawyer who has ceased working disenchanted with the world of justice and his friend, the second, who is a journalist investigator) intends to stay for a long season and they come for a global world Peace Congress in UB for the freedom of thought and the Dialogue of Civilizations agains the NATO and the Chrashs Civilizations of the political scientist Samuel Huntington and the ultraislamophobic fundamental militias.
    The two older brothers start to prowl on the mother again to give them more money, but the mother refuses, as she wants the money and assets to stay in her family. Therefore, they want to have her declared as mentally ill and tries to make Tristan sign a document to intern the mother in a psychiatric clinic, but Tristan refuses. They then manage to intern Tristán in a psychiatric, arguing that he is a dangerous person who might use weapons. In the psychiatric Tristán is subject to all kinds of medical experiments by Dr. A.P.V., a prestigious and renowned scientist and professor at the Hospital Clinic, who is a close friend of his father and a great admirer of a peculiar and rather discussed ideology. He is released, in very bad shape, after a month, thanks to the help of Isolde. This affects the health of the mother who falls ill with cancer. Then, the family introduces squatters into the motel in order to destroy the residence and the business.
    Taking advantage of all the tension created by the squatters and common criminals, the family takes the mother to her daughter’s house to rest, although in reality she is kidnapped and abused and forced to sign a new will.
    Finally, the mother dies kidnapped and coerced, and shortly after the funeral, after a brutal beating in the coastal village house, the brother makes Tristán agreeing to sign the same will that they forced the mother to sign: meaning that all the money and the house goes to the old brothers. The only thing left to Tristán is the motel, which is shattered. Seeing the status of Tristán, Isolde decides to help him out again.
    Isolde focuses Tristán’s defences in four directions: property and rights to the motel; the issue about the will, the bank accounts and others; and the trial for family aggression and “bullying” suffered and to investigate what happened in the psychiatric.
    Thus Isolde discovers the incredible story of corrupt criminals and squatters that reaches to the very police force and Tristán’s sister in law (who works as a secretary for the Police), as well as a well-organized mafia advised by several policemen and corrupt lawyers, thanks a detective friend of hers, as well as the very well-orchestrated plot to declare wealthy individuals mentally ill in order to keep some of their fortunes, with the help of relatives. Finally, the father regrets what happened feeling betrayed by his family and decides to testify on behalf of Tristán, but before doing so he dies in mysterious circumstances. With the help of Isolde, Tristán manages to recover the motel and the money that still remains and starts a great court case judgment against police corruption and an investigation of the psychiatric hospital in order to expose the corrupt plot to incapacitate people for money.

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  6. Antes de contestar los comentarios de la gente normal primero te tendrías que someter a un examen Burro_Siquiatrico

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    Me gusta


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